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Theresa May’s Resignation as Prime Minister

Reactions to Theresa May's resignation by some members of Parliament were entirely different from their past opinions of her.

In her time as Prime Minister, many denounced her failure to secure a deal for Brexit. After she announced her departure, however, many prominent political figures were quick to praise her for all she has done.

The leading contender to take over as Prime Minister, former London Mayor Boris Johnson, thanked May for her "service to our country and the Conservative Party."

He added that, "it is now time to follow her urgings: to come together and deliver Brexit." Long time Conservative MP, Ken Clarke, called out politicians for treating May "abominably" in the past.

Clarke exposed the hypocrisy of certain politicians by pointing out how many Conservative politicians had been trying to “shove her out the door.”

May stepped down from leading the Conservative Party on June 7th, but will linger as a holdover Prime Minister until a new one is chosen, likely by the end of July.

She will continue to act as a member of Parliament when a new Prime Minister takes over the government.

This all begs the question: what comes next? The issue of Brexit remains unsolved.

A “no deal” Brexit would be disastrous for the UK and all trade with Europe would be severed overnight.

Whoever takes over may also have to deal with the possibility of an independent Scotland under a no deal scenario.

Will a new Prime Minister be able to work with Parliament and Europe to hammer out a deal, or will they crack under the pressure?