The Red & Black
Student Life

Goodbye, Class of 2019

So, what’s it like now that seniors are out?

First off, I can say the hallways feel quieter, but maybe that’s because my most recent memory of the seniors is a swarm of Hawaiian shirt wearing and stereo-blasting rioteers parading through the hallways.

Second off, morning announcements have been taken over by a new entourage of class officers -- no more “have a good day WHS, and keep riding the wave”.

The infamous line will be missed, but in the meantime we’ll be living in anticipation of the Class of 2020’s class slogan. We’ll have to see if they can one-up their predecessors.

Along with this transfer of power, club leaders around the school have passed on the torch to their junior or sophomore successors.

Clubs are wrapping up with final meetings, planning last minute fundraisers, or ones far in advance for the fall.

New leaders are getting acquainted with new roles, as some clubs are hoping to reinvent themselves, while others are hoping to continue a legacy.

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A Brief History Of Ice Cream

Ah, summer. The sun is shining, birds are singing, and the hot weather is perfect for going out with friends.

It’s also perfect for a particularly beloved treat: ice cream.  Who could say no to everyone’s favorite frozen dessert? (Alright, besides the lactose intolerant, who could say no?)

Ice cream has become a staple for people in America -- in fact, the average American consumes more than 23 pounds of ice cream per year!

Whether you like your ice cream in a cup, a cone, or just straight out of the pint, it’s all thanks to a rich history that dates back to 500 BC, where our delicious journey begins.

The very first prototypes of ice cream go back to the Persian Empire, where people would take ice and snow and combine it with fruits and other flavors such as saffron and rose water.

The Greeks also had their version of the frozen treat; they mixed snow with honey and fruit, becoming a popular treat in the markets of Athens.


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Student Council Vs. Student Government - What Are The Differences?

As the end of the school year quickly approaches, it’s time again for student elections. In the past couple of weeks, you might have seen cafeteria TV screens scrolling through Ms. Conis’s reminders to consider running for class officer or student council.

(By now, both races have ended and results for the winners have been announced.) Every year, good amounts of students get involved in running for these various leadership positions, generally more so in Student Council and less so in Student Government.

However, many students remain in the dark about what the two separate groups do for THE Winchester High School, as well as their differences and similarities.

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