The Red & Black

Bowser Takes over the Kingdom


Recently, Reggie Fils-Aimè stepped down from his position as the North American director for Nintendo. He argued that he wanted to spend more time with his family and jokingly said he was going to get back to playing Animal Crossing New Leaf on his Nintendo 3DS–a Nintendo gaming console. His retirement video, which received many happy yet sorrowful farewells from gamers and fans, is dedicated to the fans of the American region.

Reggie began working for Nintendo in 2003. Over the years, he wonderfully marketed Nintendo’s products to the American public and gained a lot of affection and admiration from Nintendo fans. The greatest highlights of his work are his dedication to his job and his overview and promotion of the Nintendo Switch. Personally, I love the video that Sakurai (the creator and developer of the super smash bros games) and he released of the reveal trailer for the mii fighters. Sakurai and Reggie went into a fake, comedic fist fight to show how the miis can be customized. Additionally, at Nintendo Reggie stood out in his job. He received the Clio Award (which is awarded to the most creative marketer) and was named one of the top one hundred marketers.

Regarding his replacement, Doug Bowser has garnered a big welcome from Nintendo fans. They are amused from his last name, which is the same name as the villain of Nintendo’s popular franchise Mario. Before working at Nintendo, he worked for Electronic Arts Inc, which has sparked a lot of controversy online for not having the best track record. They are known to release unfinished or short games that are accompanied with expensive add on content. As a fan of Nintendo, Bowser’s work history scares me, and I believe it should considering I do not want to buy unfinished work.

Overall, replacing Reggie is going to be hard because of what he has done for American Nintendo fans and the company. Fans are sad of Reggie’s retirement because he has inspired a rich culture of memes and encouraged people to play video games. However, Bowser has a good record at Nintendo, where he has been since 2015. This loyalty is good, but there is still a possibility that he decides to follow EA’s footsteps in releasing unfinished games. Fans welcome Bowser with the highest respect and rally for him to take the torch that Reggie has left to bring an even brighter future for Nintendo.