The Red & Black

Goodbye, Class of 2019


Third off, and the biggest news yet: the parking spot crisis has seen light! For the last couple of months, students, juniors especially have not been happy. “Did you see the parking lot this morning?!?” may well have been a phatic expression around school.

As older eager sophomores acquired their licenses, and seniors, for the most part, continued to roll up to school, the student parking lot turned into a battlefront.

Students rushed to school in the mornings to fight for a claim to a spot. Late, or even barely on time, students had to resort to the last spots in the back of the lot -- an up to 25 minute wait to get out of after school -- or better yet, creating their own spots on the grass next to the lot.

For the most part, it was a worldly application of the philosophy, “if you snooze, you lose,” though upperclassmen could be caught slipping out during lunch break to snag the spots of those who’d gone off-campus for lunch.

Thankfully, spots have now become more plentiful and the parking lot more peaceful (though not by much, with the mad frenzy to beat the rush out after school still very much apparent).

Lastly, each year, as the seniors flaunt their future college sweatshirts, and we watch as they carry their yearbooks into their sophomore math classes, giving final thanks to teachers; as they have last conversations with peers and nostalgia starts to kick in; as they chant a long-awaited countdown, from the last minute to the very last second before they exit the main doors of Winchester High School at 3:07 pm for the last time, the rest of us can’t help but be hit with emotions too. To some of us, watching the commotion from afar, it’s a sign of hope.

Summer is just around the corner for us too, a very needed break, and time’s been flying. Others catch a case of premature nostalgia.

Regardless, in the meantime, we can rest assured the next however many years hold golden moments, with forever cherishable memories to be made.