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The New Era of Taylor Swift

“When she fell, she fell apart.” These are the sinister words of Taylor Swift in 2017, the year she embraced her reputation.

In this powerful and passionate album, Taylor abandoned the Eighties synth-pop style of 1989 to express her despair and overflowing resentment of those who had wronged her.

The “Look What You Made Me Do” singer, however, could not be blamed for this dramatic shift in genre.

Kim Kardashian had destroyed the signer’s entire world in a campaign of brutal social media attacks and labeled Taylor as a snake, a symbol Swift later adopted on her reputation tour. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Now, after two long years of silence following the conclusion of reputation, Taylor has reemerged into the spotlight with a newfound aura of optimism.

This surprising transformation began on April 13, when a thirteen day countdown to midnight of April 26 appeared on billboards across the globe.

As this mysterious countdown ticked away, the singer posted a series of seemingly random photographs to Instagram, each lit up in vibrant pastel hues.

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Why You Should Learn an Instrument

Let’s talk about music for a second. We all love music, right?

I’m talking about any kind of music—rap, country, rock, metal, jazz, classical… everyone has some sort of taste in music.

Because what could be better than hunkering down and jamming out to your favorite tunes?

Well, I’ll tell you something better than that—playing those tunes on your own, or making some up too.

Now, I know that may seem like something you could do only in your dreams, something that only professionals can do.

And sure, if your goal is to release some songs or play on a professional level, it does take years of experience and hard work.

But learning to play an instrument, any instrument, is a fun pastime and a great way to stimulate your brain, which is why you should think about picking up an instrument this summer.

For starters, learning to play an instrument is a great way to enhance your brain.

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Scattered throughout the school are little places of solace; places students go when they need to vent, or have fun, or simply step away from the stresses and obligations of school.

Some find their safe place in the chorus room, for others it’s in the CTC lab, the library, or a teacher’s classroom. My place of preference? The art wing.

Unfinished paintings hang on the walls, and little clay trinkets dot the edge of the room. The sinks are invariably splattered with the remnants of ambitious projects, and, in the dark room, the amber lights hum behind the chatter.

In this little corner of the school lies a museum of works-in-progress and brought to life dreams.

I know I speak for many students when I say that, in a school that can sometimes feel sterile, the art wing is a vibrant world of its own.

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Why You Should Join Orchestra

In any strings performance, it’s hard not to be mesmerized by the sight of black-clad musicians playing, bows synchronized, to the movements of the conductor’s baton.

These awe-inspiring performances have led many to become interested in the workings of the orchestra or to consider taking up an instrument.

Having been inspired myself, I joined my school orchestra when I was in fourth grade.

The rather small group of children under the direction of Mrs. Caselle welcomed me, a small and timid girl with no prior experience, into their midst. Orchestras primarily consist of stringed instruments such as violins, violas, cellos, and basses, although there are symphony orchestras which include woodwinds and brass instruments along with the strings.

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