The Red & Black

Why You Should Join Orchestra


I, myself, played the violin, which proved to be no easy task as my violin produced screeches rather than melodic sounds during the first few months. Once I got past that hurdle however, I began to see the effects that playing in the school orchestra had on my life and the benefits it offered.

Learning to play a stringed instrument, which requires that one uses a bow while pressing the strings at the same time, can help develop coordination.

Having to check the direction of the bow and its placement while worrying about whether you are pressing F natural or F sharp really improves one’s motor skills over time.

Besides the playing, being in the orchestra calls for learning to read sheet music, a valuable skill that can also potentially impress others.

Moreover, reading sheet music develops math comprehension and problem-solving skills as music essentially involves subdividing and counting beats according to time signatures.

Some studies even show that people who play instruments are better able to complete complex math problems than those who don’t. Orchestra also offers an environment in which one can manage emotions in a healthy manner.

No matter the stress, anxiety, anger, or sadness, simply playing an instrument along with others in orchestra helps to ease the mind of such matters.

In the end, being part of a large group such as orchestra connects people, however different they may be.

I have made valuable friendships with people that I’ve met in orchestra throughout the years, and I am forever grateful to orchestra for giving me that chance.

Playing together, too, develops one’s teamwork and leadership skills as there are times when small ensembles are formed to concentrate on improving certain techniques.

Overall, being part of the school orchestra has been a strong influence on my character throughout the turbulent times of middle school and the pressures of high school.

It’s something I would highly recommend to anyone who’s looking to improve their string instrument playing, or who simply wants to join an extremely welcoming community of music lovers.

I guarantee you that once you join orchestra, the memories you’ll create will stand out as some of the best among your high school experiences, and will be something that you’ll never ever regret.