An Interview With Ms. Conis

As students at WHS know, the new academic year has welcomed many changes to our school, including the introduction of a new vice principal, Ms. Conis. The Red and Black Newspaper has had the privilege of interviewing Ms. Conis, and hopefully her responses will help us, as students, get to know her better!


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TVs in the Cafeteria

The TVs in the school cafeteria have the potential to be useful and a great addition to student life, but in reality they are not used much. Vanessa Yu says, “They’re a waste of space and we don’t do anything with them.” So, what should we do with them then?                                         

We could use the TVs as sources of information. For example, they could display the date, schedule, and announcements for the day, so students who may not have heard the morning announcements can still be informed of important events. This would be helpful for students who want to get involved in extracurricular activities and let them know when to attend club meetings. Cynthia Chang also suggests, “The TVs could show the lunch menu.” Instead of confusion and havoc in the lunch lines, students would know what foods were offered on a particular day and would not have to wander around in the lunch lines.

There’s also nothing wrong with adding some more entertainment to your life, right? The TVs could have shows and movies playing during lunch. Lunch would be a time to get a break from classes by talking to friends or maybe even watching some shows and movies.

Another nice addition to the cafeteria that the TVs could provide is a way to showcase students’ works. There could be a slideshow of students’ art and technology projects playing on the TVs. This would be a cool way to highlight some of the student body’s achievements and garner some school spirit.