MLB Offseason Preview



At first glance, the market for starting pitching is not nearly as impressive as it was last year. Obviously, it’s hard to compare to the names mentioned above, but pitchers like Ivan Nova, Jeremy Hellickson, and Jason Hammel are all solid 3rd or 4th starters, and will garner interest from many teams. A revitalized Rich Hill will also look to land a deal with a club after an amazing year split between Oakland and Los Angeles With the 2016 MLB season now behind us, and the Chicago Cubs having won their first World Series in 108 years, we now enter the part of the year that is almost as exciting for fans as watching the sport itself: MLB offseason.


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Jamie Collins Traded - Now What?


Bill Belichick has made 121 trades since coming to the Patriots in 2000. This one may be the worst.

Scratch that—this is the worst. Actually, it's more than that. Trading Jamie Collins to Cleveland for a conditional third round pick is the worst trade ever, by any team, in any league, in any sport. This deal is criminal. It's unfair. It's straight up stupid and confusing in every way possibly imaginable.

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