Twitter Layoffs/Vine Discontinuation

Many people question Twitter’s intentions, and they do not buy into the idea that firing people
would result in an increase of efficiency. Twitter continued to remain in headlines, for the very
next day, they publicly stated that they would be discontinuing the app, Vine, “in the coming


The Internet promptly exploded with criticism and shock. They could not believe that
Twitter would be shutting down one of the most popular social media apps on the market.
Even the creator of Vine regrets selling his app to Twitter once learning that it would be shut
down soon.


The stars on Vine tried to save the app by offering Vine a deal in which they make
videos and Vine pays them to stay. Since most of the stars have moved to other platforms
such as Instagram and YouTube, we can assume that Vine turned down their offer.

Recently, news surfaced that Twitter has received offers to sell Vine to other companies.
If Twitter decides to sell Vine, it’s possible that Vine could be revived. The fate of Vine
depends on whether it gets bought by another company. Without a reasonable offer, Vine
will officially be discontinued by Twitter. Even with all the public criticism, people will
eventually move on from Vine. After all, that is simply the nature of trends. Another app will
soon become popular, and Vine will just be an afterthought.