Protesters Rally Against the Construction of North Dakota Pipeline



The tribe argues that the building of this pipeline will demolish sacred sites and threaten their
main water supply. On Thursday October 28, after months of peaceful protest, police arrived
on the scene and responded with force to evacuate the protest camp. Armed, they used pepper
spray, sound cannons, taser guns, shotguns, and they arrested over one hundred protesters.
A handful of protesters retaliated by shouting at the police, throwing objects like water bottles
and logs, and constructing and lighting fire to barricades. However, the majority of protesters
remained peaceful. Since August, police have made over two hundred sixty arrests and charges
of criminal trespassing, participating in a riot, and resisting arrest. These protests gained even
more attention when actress Shailene Woodley was arrested on October 10.

After a few of the largest banks in the world, including Wells Fargo of the U.S., TD of Canada,
Citigroup, and Mizuho of Japan signed off on an immense 2.5 billion dollar loan to complete
the project, environmentalists have exhorted several banks to push further payments on a
standstill. This is not the first time environmentalists have critiqued the Dakota Access
pipeline. In the past they have declared that is “outdated infrastructure” and is
contributing to climate change.